Wesley Nicholls Limited
Smokeless Fuel and Coal Merchant   Est. 1921

Selling Quality Smokeless Fuels

House coal

& Logs

For Multi-fuel Stoves and Open Fires


Wesley Nicholls Ltd. is a long established coal merchant that has built up a good reputation since 1921 and acquired many new customers by recommendation.


We pride ourselves on supplying the correct fuel for your appliances whether it is a multi-fuel stove or an open fire.


We are conveniently located on the edge of the city at Wadsley Bridge, so are well placed for delivering to many urban or rural areas (including the Hope Valley).


As well as delivering smokeless fuels, house coal or bulk bags of logs - you are more than welcome to call at our premises and collect smokeless fuel, coal, coke or blacksmith coke which is already pre-packed into conveniently sized 25kg bags.


We also sell handy sized net bags of logs and kindling, paraffin in 4 ltr bottles and fire lighters.

Logs / firewood

Blacksmith Coke


Open fire fuel

Multi-fuel stove fuel

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